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Oda Miyama
History and  


No one has settled in Oda Miyama now, but there used to be several settlements and people's activities.

In the olden days, it was the home of woodworkers called Kijishi, and later it became the home of forestry workers, and in a harsh environment, people helped each other and deepened their ties.

How was the life in a small village in the odamiyama?

Oda Miyama chronology


Oda Miyama (around 1958) with heavy snow that fills private houses

Oda Miyama at that time had a lot of snow, and until the Oda Miyama ski resort was built

I used to play in the field opposite elementary and junior high school as a ski resort.



→ 2016 Closed due to aging

A guide version is attached during school service activities (1982)

Tourism development began in earnest in the 1965's, and various efforts have been made to take advantage of nature, including the opening of ski resorts and Miyamasou hotel.


Odamachi "History of Odamachi" 1985

Odamiyama Elementary and Junior High School "Odamiyama local materials collection" 1962

Oda Miyama Village Distribution Map(1950s)


The population of Oda Miyama has always fluctuated, probably because it is related to the employment situation of the forestry office.

After being able to consumption Co-op (supermerket), the food is purchased from Matsuyama and Ozu, was the arrangement also grocery and clothing.

However, on the other hand, there was no hospital, and I had to rely on home visits and regular medical examinations from Kumakogen, or go to the hospital at the foot of the mountain by car.

Oda Miyama Elementary and Junior High School had nearly 100 students enrolled in elementary and junior high schools at most.


・ ・ ・ Seven memorial services

It was once thought that the accidental death in the mountains was caused by the wrath of the mountain god.

Seven memorial services are enshrined to calm the wrath of the mountain god, and shrines are set up on cedars, cypresses, and maples.

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