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[End] Autumn sky and beech forest walk

Kasatoriyama (1,562m) in the east of Uchiko Town borders the town, and in autumn, the mountains of Shikoku and the beech forests are at their best with a 360-degree panorama. The ridgeline is relatively gentle, making it easy to hike. Let's take a leisurely walk while feeling nature. The total length is about 4km.

[End] Autumn sky and beech forest walk
[End] Autumn sky and beech forest walk


October 18, 25, November 8, 2022 (Tuesdays)

Uchiko Station, Japan, Uchiko, Uchiko Town, Kita District, Ehime Prefecture 791-3301


Meeting place: JR Uchiko station, Uchiko town office branch office, roadside station "Oda no Sato Seseragi"

(we will move in a car)

Capacity: Up to 8 people each day


8:30 Meet at JR Uchiko Station, Uchiko Town Office

9:00 Meet at Roadside Station "Oda no Sato Seseragi"

(From Uchiko Prefectural Office to Route 33, from Kumakogen-cho Mikawa to the summit)

10:20-14:00 Start walking (guided), lunch box (about 3.5 hours in total)

14:30 Arrive at Oda Miyama Valley (toilet break)

15:30 Oda-no-Sato Seseragi dissolution

16:00 Dissolution at the agency/JR Uchiko Station

What participants should prepare:

Participation fee 1,500 yen/person

Things to prepare: Lunch box, clothes (hat, long pants, sports shoes, towel, rain gear)

*At altitudes above 1500m. The temperature is 7-8 degrees lower than in the city.

If the wind blows, it will get colder. Please be careful of the cold weather.

*Along the ridge is a grass field that stretches up to your waist. pants, long socks, etc.

Please participate in clothes that do not expose your skin.


Uchiko Town Hall Oda Branch 0892-52-3111, mobile phone 090-9774-5107 (Takamoto)

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