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[Ended] Oda Miyama Autumn Leaves Bus Tour

It is a round-trip bus to Oda Miyama, one of the most famous spots for autumn leaves in Ehime prefecture. Depart from Uchiko Station and head for Oda Miyama via "Roadside Station Oda no Sato Seseragi". Oda Miyama is located in a national forest located 750m to 1560m above sea level. In the summer, you can stroll along the green promenade and enjoy the buds and autumn leaves of broad-leaved trees. In autumn, autumnal trees such as red and yellow color the mountains. There are many narrow roads along the way where it is difficult to pass by oncoming vehicles, and especially during the autumn colors, the traffic volume of vehicles is heavy. Why don't you take a bus to Oda Miyama and feel free to go for a walk?

[Ended] Oda Miyama Autumn Leaves Bus Tour
[Ended] Oda Miyama Autumn Leaves Bus Tour


Operates daily from October 31st to November 15th, one round trip a day

Uchiko Station (Meeting place), Japan, Uchiko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime Prefecture, 791-3301


Bus service days: Every day from October 31st to November 15th (1 round trip a day, reservation required up to 1 week in advance )

Travel price real payment 2,600 yen (after applying GoTo Travel)

Included in travel price: Round-trip bus fare between Uchiko Station and Oda Miyama, lunch box fee at Oda Miyama, travel accident insurance

Minimum number of participants: 8 people

How to apply: Please make a reservation by phone (Tourism Association: 0893-44-3790) or the Tourism Association website ( ).

Application deadline: 1 week in advance


・ Due to the high season of autumn leaves, the operation schedule may be delayed due to traffic congestion. In addition, we will not be responsible for any subsequent changes in your schedule due to delays in arrival time due to bus delays.・ After arriving at Oda Miyama, you can take a free walk. The lunch box will be handed to you when you arrive at Oda Miyama.

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