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​This reservation site is optimized for viewing on a PC.
If it is difficult to view on your smartphone, please view it from your PC.

​Important notice

*In 2022, the ski resort area will be open until October 31st. In winter, enjoy the Solfa-Oda ski slopes.

​ *Road widening work is currently underway along Route 52, which connects Odamiyama and Uchiko-cho, so you may have to wait a little longer depending on the work. Please be careful when you come.

If you wish to take a bath, please write "I want to take a bath" in the remarks column when making a reservation.

(There is no remarks column for smartphone reservations, so please contact us by replying to the reservation confirmation email)​

・Inquiries to Odamiyama Campsite are at the bottom of this page.Inquiry formor

Please contact Mikata Switch Co., Ltd. (☎080-2977-1325 (reception hours 9:00-17:00)).

Please note that we are unable to respond to inquiries made to the Uchiko Town Hall Oda Branch.

・Currently, we do not charge a cancellation fee because we only accept local payment, but please contact us by the day before if you wish to cancel.


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Precautions when making a reservation (Please read first)

・​The price displayed on the reservation site is only the basic price.

In addition to the basic fee, please pay 300 yen per adult (junior high school student and above) and 150 yen per elementary school student at the reception at the administration building as an environmental maintenance fee.

・Reservations made through this site are tentative reservations. We will contact you again to confirm your reservation. Please note that the reservation will be completed with that.

・The fee for the auto camp site includes the fee for one car. Please contact us if you would like to use more than 2 cars. Please refrain from parking on the street.

・Currently, we do not rent camping equipment. Please prepare by yourself before using.

​ (Firewood is sold. Please purchase at the reception if you wish.)​​

To prevent double bookings, when a customer views the room details for the desired stay date, the room will automatically be booked for 15 minutes without going through the booking completion page. If you cannot make a reservation even though the calendar shows vacancies, please wait a while and try again.

If you are in a hurry, please call Mikata Switch Co., Ltd. (080-2977-1325(Reception hours 9:00-17:00)). I may not be able to answer the phone due to work, but I will call you back later.

For those who use car navigation

From the Matsuyama area, if you specify “Odamiyama Valley” as the destination of the car navigation system,

It seems that it is often guided on the bad road on the Kumakogen side.

In that case, if you set “Solfa Oda Ski Slope” as your destination or put “Michi-no-Eki Oda-no-Sato Seseragi”as a transit point, you will be able to come from the paved road.

​ I hope you can refer to it.

check out

Basic fee (including 1 tent and tarp)
2500 yen (sections 1-17, 19, 23-26)
3000 yen (section 18)
1000 yen (sections 20-22)
*Auto camp site and slope site include the fee for one car.
​Please contact us in advance when using multiple units.
*Half price from December to March due to water stop period

Environmental maintenance cost
​ 300 yen per adult, 150 yen per elementary school student, free for children under elementary school age

Other charges
Bathing fee:500 yen per person once
Add a tent:500 yen/night for each one
​ Purchase of firewood: 110 yen per kg (sold at the administration building)

6 people (8 people only in section 18)

Use of day camp
(Divisions 27-29 only)
Basic fee 1000 yen (half price in winter) + environment maintenance fee
​Check in 10:00 Check out 16:00

Ski resortarea

Off-season ski slopes on vast grounds.
Brighten your heart under the unobstructed sky.
No matter how much you run around, you'll be fine here.
The starry sky that seems to overflow at night
They will watch over you.


The Oda Miyama Valley shows various expressions throughout the four seasons.
While listening to the murmuring of the river and the chirping of birds,
How about relaxing in the trees?
​Various creatures and plants
They will greet you.

​Area Map Ski Resort Area

(Click on the parcel to proceed to the reservation site)

​English map is here

Due to poor ground conditions,
Number 7 is currently closed.

​Area Map Valley Area


​ Sections 11-19, 27-29

​sections 20 to 26

新規ドキュメント 31.jpeg

auto camp site

新規ドキュメント 33.vectornator.jpeg

Mawariiwa Campsite

​ flush toilet


​Vacancy Search

Click here to select the parcel number you want to use.​When the rooms are fully booked, the dates are crossed out.

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